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Santa Lucia by Adina Sand ~ Vintage Swedish Christmas card …

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Elsa Beskow ~ Jaanas Gott o Blandat

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swedish paper hearts template - Google Search

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Needle Felted Santa Lucia ,LUCIA, Saint Lucy, Doll, Festival, Celebration, Xmas, Christmas, Waldorf,Present, White, Cloudberry Crafts

Needle Felted Santa Lucia LUCIA Saint Lucy by CloudBerryCrafts

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Santa Lucia, an old swedish tradition amongst the swedish speaking in Finland. I practiced this for 10 years when I was a child with my best friend who was Swedish. What a neat tradition.

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lussekatter family recipe // Santa Lucia bread // Svenske luciabrød // saffron buns

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enfants terribles magazine: Please Pin

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Santa Lucia Day in Sweden The celebration comes from stories that were told by Monks who first brought Christianity to Sweden. It is a celebration of festival of light, honouring St. Lucia. St. Lucia's Day is now celebrated by a girl dressing in a white dress with a red sash round her waist and a crown of candles on her head.

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St. Lucy's Day, Sweden December 13th Signe Silow

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Celebrating Santa Lucia

how to make a Santa Lucia crown

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Really pretty St Lucy crown template! FREE! - even better! Willow of Wonder: santa lucia day

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Santa Lucia’s coming begins feasting, merriment, singing and the spirit of friendliness and goodwill that lasts throughout the Holiday season. According to legend, Lucia was a medieval saint who carried food and drink to hungry folk in the province of Varmland during a period of famine. She was seen across Lake Vanern with her white gown and crown of lights.... There are many legends, but in each one Lucia stands for the symbol of light and hope to all mankind.

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St. Lucia Saffron Buns Recipe, Swedish Lussekatter Rolls Recipe | Simply Recipes

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celebrating St. Lucia Day | Love Krissa and her creativity and diy ideas!!!

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Santa Lucia bread shapes/ swedish santa lucia day december 13th.

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Advent ~ Santa Lucia ~ Orange Clove Candles

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St. Lucia - In Sweden, Christmas begins with the annual Saint Lucia Day on December 13. Lucia herself was Christian and died for her faith. The December 13 holiday honors her. Usually, the eldest girl in the family portrays St Lucia, puts on a white robe in the morning and is allowed to wear a crown full of candles. She serves her parents Lucia buns and coffee or mulled wine.

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Celebrating Santa Lucia

The House That Lars Built.: Celebrating Santa Lucia

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St Lucia's Bread - altered the recipe slightly for Epiphany celebration this month, making it again soon!!

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Marzipan Squirrels

Marzipan is such a festive ingredient and it can be molded into any shape you like! These squirrels are adorable and decorate the top of pankobunny’s Yule Log Cake.

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Saint Lucia's Day - Dec. 13th is celebrated in honor of Saint Lucy, the young girl who according to legend died a martyr in Sicily. St. Lucia's Day is celebrated in other countries including Sweden. This day is celebrated in schools, day-care centers, nursing homes and hospitals, with processions led by a young Lucia in a white robe with a crown of lights on her head and a candle in her hand.

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Sankta Lucia coloring page

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Saint Lucia Day Song in Sweden --- See the English translation in the description

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