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Miroslava Duma in total black look with embroidered long Valentino coat - Street Fashion, Casual Style, Latest Fashion Trends - Street Style and Casual Fashion Trends

Роскошь из Первоуральска: дизайнер-самоучка возвращает моду на кокошники, бисер и бахрому

I can't find the right word to describe this classy Russian look but this is definitely some proper Russian traditional glam.

The Anastasia of winter .............Vogue Japan december 2013 v

"Modern Fairytale / karen cox / The Red Queen.The Anastasia of winter .Vogue Japan december Can tell this is a Vogue magazine model.

Découvrez l'histoire du châle russe de Russie traditionnel. Origines du foulard russe, de cette grande étole en pure vierge laine ou cachemire à fleurs .

Histoire de grande tradition des châles russes traditionnels d'Orenbourg

À la russe - The Russian Style - Fashion - Moda - Mode (Beauty Face Women)