Child's Bedroom Huset ved fjorden

Maybe I could make this out of an Ikea table? Just add fabric, sink and stove buttons.

My Lovely Home

Huset ved fjorden- In Ariel's room you will find many home-made textiles. Round cushion and curtains for play kitchen I have made ​​of various fabrics. The carpet on the floor, I have crocheted of stoffremser. (see totorial - crafts) (translated)

easy DIY play kitchen

Easy DIY Play Kitchen + Snugli Stroller Giveaway

Corner Play Kitchen

Kinderkeukentje - The cutest, most detailed play kitchen I've ever seen! I want to go back to being a kid!

cute idea for crib - paint top pink and have the rails still white ss

John and @Sherry @ Young House Love made one of the best play kitchens ever. I adore the towel bar and oven light details.

How To Make A Homemade Play Kitchen (From A Cabinet