Mesdames, vous avez lu tous nos conseils pour vous costumer, le festival démarre ce soir et … vous êtes un peu perdues? On révise avec le talentueux Phobs0 qui nous donne, en quelques coups de crayon, un résumé de la mode des années 20.     Mais pourquoi, je ne sais pas dessiner? Suite

Women's fashion: 1923 - waist lines began to drop to between the natural waist and the hip; 1924 - waistlines drop to the hip; 1928 - hem lines start to rise to the knee.

Print of my original illustration of popular 1920s cocktails. The 1920 Cocktail…

Print of my original illustration of popular cocktails. The 1920 Cocktail Guide features 9 old school cocktails and would make a great addition to any bar or kitchen. Available in inches or inches and the frame is not included.


1920s Party Ideas

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You can't repeat the past. - Imgur

You can't repeat the past.

tho dewdropper and giggle water are officially going to be used by me now