RMS Titanic

The Grand Staircase is the name sometimes given to the large ornate staircases in the first-class section of the White Star Line liner RMS Titanic, which sank with a great loss of life following a collision with an iceberg in 1912. Considered to be among the most luxurious appointments on the ship, use of the two grand staircases was restricted to first-class passengers. The fore Grand Staircase descends five levels from the Boat Deck to the E Deck with grand appearance, and continues down
National Geographic images: 'Unseen Titanic'  Davit pile: Titanic's lifeboats were hoisted overboard by davits, or small cranes. Most were ranked off the deck by flailing funnel cables. These two were entangled by ropes left dangling after a boat was launched. (Copyright 2012 RMS TITANIC, INC; Produced by AIVL, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

National Geographic features new images of the unseen Titanic

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Interior decor in the Titanic.  The smoking room, 1912.
1st Class Library on the Titanic
Titanic Interior Map See titanic deck plans
Last photo taken of the RMS Titanic – Sailing away from Queenstown, Ireland.
Titanic's second class pianos and stairway. Notice the piano, bottom floor, left. What would the world be like if RMS Titanic hadn't sunk