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This is a handy picture, which shows the various parts of a handgun (a revolver in this case) with the names of each part. This is definitely helpful for people who like to go to online forums or to local gunsmiths with firearms parts questions.


How to create a composting toilet system with a flush toilet, a worm-composting bin and a filter bed. Nothing is wasted and the garden is given nutrient dense organic matter.


S&W 686 .357 Magnum. I have given thought about this being my next EDC. I think it would feel to heavy.


Daddy's gun. Colt Python .357. The most in depth study of handgun deaths, showed that the .357 magnum was the deadliest round. It was not responsible for the most deaths, but was the only round that on average took less than two shots to prove fatal.


Hold den mest fantastiske Cowboy temafest med alt hvad dette indebærer. Hos kan du få alt i borddækning, tilbehør og dekoration til din cowboyfest. Vores store udvalg har blandt andet cowboyhatte, krudt og revolvere samt alt det sjoveste tilbehør. Vi har alt i dekorationer til din Cowboy eller indianer temafest som flotte vægdekorationer samt borddekorationer, service og loftpynt.