I make my husband tell me the story of how we got our rescue allllll of the time. (Yes, like a child. HA!)

I own a rescue pitbull. People think pitbulls are aggressive dogs, but Jasmine (my dog) is affectionate and docile - reminds me of the dog in this picture.

I Rescued a Human Today    This makes me cry every. damn. time.  Thank you for that!

Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc. - Poems - We are a no-kill pet rescue charity, rescuing cats, kittens, dogs & puppies from Death Row. They are cared for by loving foster carers until re-homed.

♥ Dogs ♥ In memory of Mick, we rescued him after a horrible first rescue gone wrong.  When we got him he was blind and neglected.  He joined our family with so much love.  We miss him so much. Please recue if you can.  Mick gave us so much!

Friday Favorites #2

Beautiful dog quote poster - Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn't ever know we had

my sweet little tramp brings so much happiness to me. I wouldn't trade his happy little wiggly self for anything:)

"whoever said money can't buy happiness has never paid an adoption fee" quote.

How to get your rescue dog off to a great start in his new life as a member of your family. A full guide to your rescue Lab with practical tips and help.

Bringing Home A Rescue Dog