Go ahead. Judge me. Just remember to be perfect the rest of your life. - Quote about judging

Yes this is for you, for the person hat doesn't talk to me anymore because i voiced my opinion about a situation, but you are no better than me.

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My life is my life. I am wiling to take advice from those I trust but your opinion of MY LIFE is not my reality! What you say behind my back is none of.

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25 Fabulous Inspirational Quotes about Motivation

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The Antiquity And General Acceptance Of An Opinion Is Not Assurance Of Its Truth

Let them judge you. Their opinions do not define your reality.

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Quotes about Success : Do not allow the opinions of others to determine your self worth. You are great

Do not allow the opinions of others to determine your self worth. Don't take things personally and you can minimize needless suffering.

I really wish people would realize when their opinion is about someone else's life then they should just keep it to themselves. Your opinions don't matter!

It is extremely important not to be judgmental toward an addict and worsen the stigma around them. Addicts struggle with self esteem enough as it is without people giving them more reason to dislike themselves.

Live YOUR Life!: "Is Your Perception Your Reality?"

Is Your Perception Your Reality? Do you have all the facts about what is going on around you or are you just making judgments or assumptions?