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What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?

If you ever wanted to dye your hair take this quiz to see what color you should dye it.

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What Color Mermaid Tail do you Have?

Ever wondered what color your tail would be if you were a mermaid? Well... Let's find out!

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13 "Would You Rather..." Questions That Are Almost Impossible To Answer

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What Color Would Your Lightsaber Be?

✔️ Blue you love helping people also protecting them if possible. you are loyal and very wise. you believe in stability and confidence.

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Which Inside Out Character Are You?

Find out if you are most like Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, or Sadness in this quiz! I got JOY

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I cry every time.

27 Pictures That Never Stop Being Funny

I cry every time.

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What Fantasy Creature Are You?

Comment below if you would like a specific question added and I'll do my best to insert it into the quiz. (Answer the questions honestly to receive more accurate answer)

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I couldn't guess the answer for #22 and I didn't understand #38.

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How Imaginative Are You?

Take this simple quiz to determine how imaginative you are. 1) Examine the fantasy image 2) Develop reasoning or a backstory for the image 3) Choose the answer which best represents your idea

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Which Fictional World Do You Really Belong In?

Take this quiz and find out which fictional world you should visit if you ever get the chance! I got : Panem

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