How to make Puerto Rican sofrito at home! Vegetables and herbs are blended together to form the flavor base for many Puerto Rican dishes.
Puerto Rican Rice recipe - Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas). The best rice in the world!
Puerto Rican Rice and Beans (Habichuelas Guisadas) | Easy recipe for authentic Puerto Rican style red beans and white rice!
Puerto Rican Lasagna (Pastelón) with sweet slices of plantains instead of noodles, saucy beef picadillo and plenty of cheese.
Puerto Rican Food, papas rellenos! my favorite!!.. Just recently made these and then my deep fryer broke >:/
Puerto Rican Sorullitos de Maiz // Corn fritters with cheese - crispy on the outside, but soft and buttery inside! In Puerto Rico these can be served for breakfast, appetizer or side dish. // Sorullos recipe
Pique - Puerto Rican Hot Sauce
Puerto Rican Quesitos        1 puff pastry sheet package (specifically, 1 sheet)      8 oz cream cheese, softened      3 Tbs sugar (more or less, to taste)      1 tsp vanilla (more or less, to taste)      1/4 cup light corn syrup (more or less, to taste)      Egg white of 1 egg
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Puerto Rican Style beans – A  hearty red beans simmered in an aromatic sauce with  big bold flavors. Quick Easy and Simply Delicious. If you like a an easy yet tasty meat free beans then, you might think this Puerto Rican Beans is about the most delicious beans to cook up. It’s a hearty stew of red beans, …
Puerto Rican Papas Rellenas - mashed potato croquettes filled with picadillo (ground beef hash) and fried to golden perfection! | Kitchen Gidget
Puerto Rican Flan de Queso: a cheesecake baked custard dessert with caramel sauce that's not too sweet thanks to cream cheese! | Kitchen Gidget
Puerto Rican Pinchos | Delish D'Lites
Puerto Rican Coconut Bread Pudding
Limbel/Limber (Puerto Rican Icee)
Jibarito Recipe: Puerto Rican sandwich with steak using plantains instead of bread!