Great idea for a duty gear rack. Would like to find the person who originally shared it. I'm guessing 24" wide X 36" tall X 12" deep. 1/2" plywood.  Customize to the person who you are building it for

This would be nice for his SWAT gear. Built this to store my duty gear on. So nice to have all my stuff organized.

Police codes infographic. Will have to check the codes with LEO to ensure that they are correct.

Police codes infographic

This infographic has all police codes including APCO 10 codes, 11 codes, phonetic alphabet & more. View this police scanner code visual.

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement  Police Sheriff by MMasonDesigns

Chalkboard Pregnancy Announcement Police Sheriff by MMasonDesigns Tap the link now to find the hottest products for your baby!

This would make a beautiful stamped piece of jewelry! Visit to create your own custom treasure.

We're looking for Mira Williams; she went missing and we've heard reports of her being seen here. So were taking her back to New York to be reunited with her family. *says the cop breaking into the place where Mira is*

A member of GIPN, French police special forces, is pictured in Corcy, near Villers-Cotterets, north-east of Paris

Police 'surround two armed suspects' in hunt for Charlie Hebdo gunmen

This relates to fight club because im chapter 14 the police start to observe the narrarator under suspision that he blew up his own apartement

Best of 2012: Photography

This photo makes the police seem very menacing and scary. The only things you see are the riot shield and guns coming through the smoke. Any human elements are hidden by masks and smoke. Hiding information makes this photo seem scary.

What to expect when attending the police academy.

What to expect when attending the police academy.

Most people get butterflies in their stomach when they think of attending the police academy. Well you should, its no walk in the park. You will be tried mentally, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Most departments will require you to.

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Watch out! 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit Launched, Pulling You Over Soon...

2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit Launched, Pulling You Over Soon

2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit /// 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit is coming to a precinct near you

Thin Blue Line, Police lives Matter, Monogram Door Wreath, Police Badge, Police Door Wreath, Law Enforcement, Decor, Police Decor, LEO, by HouseSensationsArt

LEO / Law Enforcement Officer/ Thin blue line/Police Badge Monogrammed Door Wreath- /Door Monogram/ Police lives matter Copyrighted by HouseSensationsArt on Etsy

Andy Dwyers police test (parks & recreation) #policehumor #policetest

Andy Dwyers police test (parks & recreation) #policehumor #policetest