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If our basic pocket square folds are leaving you bored, then here is an extensive list of 50 folds.

The best pocket squares for Spring!

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How To Fold a Pocket Square: The Flower Fold

How To Fold a Pocket Square

49 Infographics that will make a Man Fashion Expert

57 Infographics that will make a Man Fashion Expert

Don't forget about the stylish men's pocket square for their wedding suits. Fold all of the groomsmen's pocket squares the same or with different folds for an eclectic look. Step by Step of the square fold, throw, and one point fold

Spiral Stairs Pocket Square Fold How To

The Perfect Pocket Square Holder will keep you looking dapper with ease. No more fuss or messing around with a sagging pocket square. Makes wearing a pocket square every day so easy and simple.

10 Great Pocket Square Brands on Etsy.

The Versatile Gent looks to Etsy for quality pockets squares on a variety of budgets.


Indigo Pocket Squares Are the Blues for Beginners

Indigo Pocket Squares are the blue for beginners according to GQ however I think it's a dope color that needs to be used more.not only for just the beginners

Purple Teal & Grey... really like these colors... maybe for a fall wedding against the natural outdoor fall colors...

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