How To Make A Pinhole Camera by on @deviantART
How to make a pinhole camera using a jello box via
Pringle tube pinhole camera
Make your own pinhole camera to safely view a solar eclipse in action! (NEVER look directly at the sun without proper solar filters!) Plus get ideas for turning these stellar events into an art project you can keep long after the eclipse is over.
Uma Câmera Pinhole de Lata de Sardinha

Uma Câmera Pinhole de Lata de Sardinha

RK Photographic ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit
Pinhole photograph made from a folded paper "camera" by Thomas Hudson Reeve

Pinhole Cameras Made with Photo Paper

I love making pinholes!  Haven't made one in years...maybe I will make a new one and dust of the others.
Como hacer una estenopéica .
Pinhole camera- how it works diagram

Photo Science: How 5 Photo Techniques Work & How You Can Play With Them

DIY Pinhole cameras out of paper. These look like they might be pretty easy to make

DIY Papercraft Pinhole Camera

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Homemade Box Camera with 12 holes - for light sensitive photo paper
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