Whether you’re experimenting for fun or considering photojournalism as a career, these 7 photojournalism tips will break down what it takes to tell compelling real-life stories through photography, and get you ready for whatever comes your way.

7 Photojournalism Tips to Help You out in the Field

The art of telling a story through a spontaneous moment isn't always cut and dry. Here are 7 photojournalism tips to get you ready for anything. *** Check out the article by clicking the image link.

Bruno Barbey - "Most of the time I take photographs to document for posterity, traditions and cultures rapidly vanishing as a result of changing consumer attitudes.”

All About Bruno Barbey, photographer on All About Photo. Search our database of over hundreds of photographers by their name or specialty.

vintage everyday: Amazing Pictures of Grim and Gritty New York City in the 1970s. A fist raised in protest from behind the bars at Toms Prison, Manhattan, on 28 September, 1972.

Photojournalism - photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont captured image of behind the bars at Toms Prison, Manhattan, on 28 September, 1972

7 tips to taking documentary photographs

7 tips to taking documentary photographs

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This photo makes the police seem very menacing and scary. The only things you see are the riot shield and guns coming through the smoke. Any human elements are hidden by masks and smoke. Hiding information makes this photo seem scary.

7 tips for photojournalism.  But they also applies to anyone who wants to be a better photographer.

7 Great Photography Tips by Reuters Photojournalist Damir Sagolj

7 Great Tips Photography Tips by Reuters Photojournalist Damir Sagolj. Applies to anyone who wants to be a better photographer.

Documentary photography is something I have always wanted to get into. I do not go on enough trips to really get great shots that really bring emotion to the viewer. Azli Jamil does an amazing job of this exact thing. Just by looking at these shots, you almost feel what the subjects in the image are feeling.

Documentary Photography By Azli Jamil. I wonder what the circumstances of this situation are. Or is the child caring for the man?

Gypsy child is in this picture showing her life and it was a major news story.

Jane Bown's photojournalism – in pictures

Woman being rescued from the ruins of her house following a V2 bombing raid, London 1944. George Rodger.

London rescuers carry on a stretcher affected by the explosion of the German rocket in the area of ​​Battersea.

"All I can say is..... If this doesn't break your heart...... then you simply don't have one."   ~Skye

historicaltimes: “Bronx boy sleeping in his fire escape “bed” - Photograph by Stephen Shames, ”

A dad is a dad.

A dad is a dad.

By photographer Emad Samir. Dad is still making things fun, despite the circumstances.

Photojournalist, Dorothea Lange took this photo of an anguished mother and her suffering children during the Great Depression. This candid photograph has always stuck with me as it successfully set a tone for this event. The shadows & the capture of detail in the woman's face is much more than just a mother & her children, but rather provides emotional depth for the viewer.

“Migrant Mother,” Dorothea Lange, 1936 For many, Florence Owens Thompson is the face of the Great Depression, thanks to legendary photographer Dorothea Lange. Lange made this photograph while visiting a camp in California in February With this.