I wonder if I'm capable of painting something similar to this, only more Midwest....

Peter Doig's Figures in Red Boat (detail). Keith Hartley, curator of the exhibition, says of Doig: 'He is trying to get some kind of balance.

Milky Way I Peter Doig

Peter Doig: the art of the foreign

Peter Doig Milky Way Oil on canvas © courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro Gallery, London - født april 1959

peter doig  wow I love this composition, the use of color, reflection, vertical dominate, gesture speaks loudly!!

Peter Doig Blotter, 1993 Oil on canvas, 249 x 199 cm National Museum Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, copyright: The Artist

Peter Doig http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/peter_doig.htm

Ken Kiff and Peter Doig: Psychodrama, on canvas

Reflection (What does your soul look like?) Peter Doig 1996 oil on canvas, x cm private collecti

He tended to use the radian color to take the local colors away from . By giving the work a high contrast color, with both warm and cold tones, he transformed the natural beauty into a landscape which has the essence of the temperature.

Peter Doig's paintings - in pictures

Peter Doig - Pelican (Stag). #Art #Painting #PeterDoig

Peter Doig, Pelican (Stag), Oil on canvas, 108 ½ x 79 x cm. Courtesy the artist and Michael Werner Gallery New York a.

Peter Doig Window Pane 1993 painting of a partially melted pond surrounded by snow

Peter Doig Window Pane 1993 Oil on canvas © courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Architect's Home in the Ravine, 1991

Awkward In An Interesting Way: Doig

Kenji's Gallery of British Paintings - Movies List on MUBI

Peter Doig (Scottish, Contemporary, b. White Canoe, Oil on canvas, x 243 cm x inches). © Peter Doig © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.