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Orff Body Percussion >>> See if the kids can determine the time signature right off the bat.... And CHECK out the PIPES behind the young performers ... WOW!

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YouTube videos for music teachers

YouTube videos for music teachers: includes videos of folk songs, dances, lesson planning tutorials, and more!

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Rhythmical Activities for Children- this takes some time to watch because it is loaded with lots of activities and movement ideas

▶ The Cup Song - Pitch Perfect (Stomp & Holler Cover) - Body Percussion - YouTube >>> Kids will LOVE it !

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Members of STOMP show you how to make rhythm with basketballs. #LetsMakeRhythm

Orff - rock trap. (class body percussion based on 4 groups of ostinati) Good activity prior to cutting them loose in groups.

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Replace the word: pulse internalisation and literacy by Artis. In this activity children learn the poem 'Remember, remember the fifth of November', concentrating on understanding the poem's rhythm and pulse. By later replacing some words with actions, children internalise the pulse and the words are consolidated further. This principle can be used with other poems of this type, and indeed songs as well, that are chosen to link with a topic.

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body percussion and DOWELS.... the beginnings... of STOMP!

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YO TENGO UN TICK. Dinámica grupal - YouTube

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