10 Tips To Hosting Your Best Pasta Bar

With everyone stuffing their faces with Turkey, pumpkin, and stuffing the whole entire month of November, my upcoming hosting gig will consist of changing things up and throwing together an easy pasta bar. My pasta bar parties are a breeze to put togethe

Ideas to Host Your Own Pasta Bar - Buffet Party Menu

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Pasta Bar Quick Dinner Ideas/Recipes -

There is always a story on my plate. This pasta bar for my family and friends has a story of sharing.

-Sweet Italian Sausages (cut into bite-sized pieces) -Mushrooms (sliced) -Sun-dried Tomatoes -Mini Heirloom Tomatoes (halved) -Artichoke Hearts (diced into smaller pieces) -Parmesan Cheese -Onion (diced) -Fresh Basil -Salt & Pepper

Like I said in the previous post, I hosted a dinner for the wives of pastor's to show our appreciation as a body of women in the church.

Reception food: pasta bar with different noodle types and a marinara and alfredo sauce and chicken and meatballs

How to Keep Cooked Pasta From Sticking Together in a Chafing Dish

Serving pasta in a buffet-style setting is challenging; you need a chafing dish to keep it warm. While the chafing dish does a great job of ensuring hot.