Bettinas julekake julebrod2 Nytes alene eller med en skive brunost. Foto: Bettina Kojan / @bettinakojan  5-6 egg (avhengig av små eller store) 50 g mandelmel 250 g havremel 250 g cottage cheese 100 g ekstra lett melk 2-3 ts kanel 2-3 ts kardemomme 2-3 ts nellik 3 ts bakepulver En god neve rosiner Stekes på180 grader i ca 40-45 min

Sunn og saftig julekake for deg som passer vekten

Allergivennlige desserter, kaker og bakst (En helseblogg om jakten etter en friskere...)

Allergivennlige desserter, kaker og bakst (En helseblogg om jakten etter en friskere...)

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Trail Mix Balls- coolio idea from @EatLiveRun

Chocolate Chip Quinoa Trail Mix Balls 1 cup old fashioned or quick-cooking oats, dry cup quinoa, dry + cup water cup shredded unsweetened coconut cup unsalted sunflower seeds cup dark chocolate chips cup dried cherri

Paula Deen's zucchini bread recipe. This is my favorite zucchini recipe for bread, cupcakes, and cake. I forgo the last cup of white sugar and sub brown sugar. I also add about 4 TBSP of vanilla extract. 2 TBSP if it is straight vanilla extract.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread recipe from Paula Deen via Food Network -cut sugar down to 1 cup, add 2 cups grated apple (no skin) granny smith, but honeycrisp and gala work well too

These would be so pretty if you sprinkled white and/or brown sugar on it

Strawberry Roses

Take a look at the best diy wedding cake in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! The wedding cake vs. Image source We’ve Got the Secrets to Making a DIY Homemade Wedding Cake.

Eggs, Sausage and Salsa in a Pita

Breakfast In Bed

Blueberry Oat Muffins

Blueberry oat muffins - light and fluffy oat muffins filled with juicy blueberries and topped with a bit of brown sugar streusel.