Oppskrift cosmopolitan drink

And for a really good reason.

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Creamy Three-Cheese Spaghetti I made this and it was amazing, to add a bit of heat I added in some red pepper flakes to taste!

Cosmopolitan: Toby Cecchini sin originale cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan: Toby Cecchini sin originale cosmopolitan

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thai coconut curry, butternut squash soup

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Civil conversation has half a chance when you bring out the china and pour some piping cups of tea.

❧ Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

Sex in the city gjorde sitt til at Cosmopolitan fikk ny popularitet. Her er oppskriften!

Cosmopolitan er ikke for jenter

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Cosmopolitan Recipe | Cointreau


The rise of Cosmopolitan marked the return of premium and fresh ingredients to the cocktail glass. This pink blushed beauty holds court as the most revered modern Cointreau classic.

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This Hot White Russian Cocktail goes well with any cool weather endeavor. Plus now you can get the alcohol delivered directly to your door!

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Very pink raspberry cosmopolitan (2) Jus de framboise: 2t. Framboises gelées 1t. 1/2 eau Cocktail 2 oz. jus framboise 2 liqueur framboises 4 vodka Jus de 1/2 lime 1 simple sirop Pink sugar crystal

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan Juice: 2 cups frozen raspberries 1 ½ cups water Cocktail: 2 ounces Raspberry juice 2 ounces Raspberry Liqueur 4 oz Grey Goose vodka Juice from ½ lime 1 ounce simple syrup Pink sugar crystals Raspberries for garnish.

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Virgin Hibiscus Cosmo http://www.hgtv.com/entertaining/virgin-hibiscus-cosmopolitan/index.html

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For this modern and non-alcoholic take on the classic Cosmo, substitute dried hibiscus flower petals for cranberry juice.

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Throw these heart-shaped blueberry cubes into any iced tea for a delicious beverage.