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Los habitantes de Jerusalén tenían un secreto. Habían participado en una de las mayores obras de ingeniería del mundo antiguo. Es increíble lo que los seres humanos pueden lograr cuando sus espaldas están contra la pared. Los habitantes de Jerusalén, frente a una muerte segura, encontraron un camino secreto para conseguir una fuente constante de agua en Jerusalén.


Hatshepsut es una de las mujeres más poderosas en el mundo antiguo y uno de los mejores monjes en Egipto antiguo. Ella era el quinto faraón de la décimo octava dinastía de Egipto y gobernó más largo que cualquier regla(jefe) en la historia egipcia


Casa en Terracota. Colombia


The Vikings were very clean compared to the other cultures of their day. In fact, according to cleric John of Wallingford, the Vikings combed their hair daily, changed their woolen undergarments often and bathed each week. Viking Answer Lady also states that archaeological evidence shows that the Vikings made their own soap. Their soap contained...


Massive underground tunnels known as Göbekli Tepe connect Scotland and Turkey. This massive structur



Scripture FAMILY RULES typography sign "Always be honest, count your blessings, forgive and forget..." w/bible verse


Cave 4 This most famous of the Dead Sea Scroll caves is also the most significant in terms of finds. More than 15,000 fragments from over 200 books were found in this cave, nearly all by Bedouin thieves. 122 biblical scrolls (or fragments) were found in this cave. From all 11 Qumran caves, every Old Testament book is represented except Esther.


Arkosic Dead Sea sandstone tablet describes repairs to Solomon's Temple by Joash who reigned about 839-799 BC and, in accord with this, carbon-14 dating by Israel's Geological Institute, under Shimon Ilani, has authenticated the inscription as being around 2,800 years old. The Institute's director, Amos Bean, reported that they had discovered flecks of gold burnt into the stone, indicating that it was probably in the Temple when the building was destroyed by invading Babylonians in about…