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▶ Overcoming hopelessness | Nick Vujicic | TEDxNoviSad - YouTube


Overcoming hopelessness | Nick Vujicic | TEDxNoviSad --- Amazing man , real man , kind hearted man , >>>> I just hope if he could know about islam because I can see a real Muslim in him .


Nick Vujicic is a man who defines perseverance. In how he has no arms or legs but in a world of lack of love Nick had the biggest heart. He was the first special needs child to enter public school in Australia. And he was the kid of the year in 1990. That shows how he could easily just mope around in his life but he decided to go to school and inspire others.


Overcoming Hopelessness by Nick Vujicic | "If God doesn’t change my circumstances he’s gonna use my life to be a miracle for someone else. When you don’t get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else." - Nick Vujicic


Overcoming hopelessness | Nick Vujicic | TEDxNoviSad - YouTube


Congratulations to Nick Vujicic ♥ Kanae Miyahara. Committed to being a devoted husband, the 29-year-old motivational speaker hoped to do all he could to be a blessing to Kanae Miyahara, who he believes is the greatest gift “after life, salvation, and a relationship with God.”

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Miracle Story: Man Born With No Arms and Legs Becomes a Preacher and Inspires Millions!


Overcoming hopelessness - Health & Fitness Tips and Advice - Better Health Publishing


2010 Portland Good Friday Breakfast Nick Vujicic


Nick Vujicic ,who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, is skydiving and he is using AT devices that were customized for him. Nick demonstrates that even though he has a disability he can still practice this sport. United Parachute Technology and SkyDive DeLAND made it possible for Nick to be able to skydive and in the video he thanks them for his AT devices. I think it is great that someone like Nick can be able to skydive!