Homeschooling in New Jersey

New Jersey! You can take the girl outta Jersey . but you can't take the Jersey outta the girl!

20 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Jersey

New Jersey represents her background and where she comes from Skin represents her- youth and childhood Color- represents who she is as a person

New Jersey - State signs - logos - posters - The Fifty States of America - USA - United States - America.

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New Jersey Sculpture Gardens Grounds For Sculpture Outdoors Art Attractions Family Fun Day Trip Hamilton Restaurant

101 Summer Day Trips in New Jersey (something for your guests to do while visiting the Garden State for your wedding weekend!

10 Hidden Gems in New Jersey

10 Hidden Gems in New Jersey Fodors--this one is Greenwood Gardens in Short hills. Also Lambertville and a scenic drive along the Delaware

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The 22 Most New Jersey Songs Of All Time

Last week, the country (more specifically the state of New Jersey) got quite a scare when it was reported that Jon Bon Jovi had died. Well now, the man responsible for that death rumor is speaking out!

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Overnight Snow in Edgemont Park - A beautiful scene in Edgemont Park, located in Montclair, New Jersey shortly after a snow had blanketed the region overnight.

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Best with Taylor Ham Pork Roll! To think such an easy sandwich recipe as this could be so irresistible. You won't be able to stop yourself once you sink your teeth into this New Jersey Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwich.

15 Enchanting Spots In New Jersey You Never Knew Existed

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