Scientists reveal the mechanism by which the brain creates long-lasting memories of painful or scary events.

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Chronic pain harms the brain? Help your brain fight through it by improving your brain support with

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Da. dokumentar. Jacob har normal forstand, men en svekket kropp. Den 27 år gamle journaliststudenten har cerebral parese og problemer med å snakke og bevege seg. Vi følger ham mens han regisserer et skuespill der han utforsker betydningen av identitet og normalitet. Han intervjuer tilfeldige mennesker på gaten om hva de tenker er normalt. Han snakker med en doktor i filosofi og nevrovitenskap og får hjernen og sitt DNA skannet. Hele tiden kjemper Jacob mot sine egne begrensninger og frykten…

Every portion of the brain also appears to contain the whole of the brain's memories, which means the brain is itself - a hologram! Read more:

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Wired for habit - Researchers discover neurons in the brain that weigh costs and benefits to drive formation of habits: We are creatures of habit, nearly mindlessly executing routine after routine. Habits are thought to be driven by reward-seeking mechanisms that are built into the brain. These signals appear in the striatum, a part of the brain that, among other things, coordinates body movements.

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Mindfulness is Self-Directed Neuroplasticity:

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Could Depression Be Caused By Inflammation In The Brain? There are a number of factors that may play a role in the development of depression, including genetic, environmental, emotional, psychological and biological influences. According to one integrative neuroscientist, depression could even be a form of...

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'Strongest Evidence Yet' Links Anticholinergic Drugs *like Benadryl* to Dementia

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Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Norman Doidge talks about an astonishing new science called neuroplasticity, which is overthrowing the centuries-old notion that the human brain is immutable. His new book, "The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories Of Personal Triumph From The Frontiers Of Brain Science" will permanently alter the way we look at our brains, human nature, and human potential.

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Neuroplasticity Mug by neuro4kids

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