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Hongshan culture (4700 to 3000 BCE) blossomed in what is now the Liaoning Province of the North East China and the eastern areas of Inner Mongolia. These artifacts are made of jade ( whose hardness on the Mohs scale is 7.00-similar to quartz, superior to pocketknife- 5.1; knife blades or window glass plates- 5.5 and close to hardened steel-7.5-8.00!!!)

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Glass Alabastron; Late Period, Dynasty XXVI / XXIX, 664–332 BC - Egypt

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Pendant Fibulas. Gold, turquoise, Sardioni, glass. Length of 31cm. Imereti, Vani. First half of the 4th century B.C. Archaeology - Georgian National Museum

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Oseberg Awl, a leather working tool design to stab holes in leather for a needle and thread to pass through the hole for stitching leather. An awl similar to this would have been used to create the leather work on shield facings, shield rims, guige straps and enarmes.

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Cosmetic Spoon, Grub el-Medina (1300 BC) Egypt

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Roman Bath Pool With Mosaic - Museum of the Bardo Museum, Tunis (TUNISIA)

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A good Bohemian 19th century tall overlay glass vase, with a deeply cut pattern featuring six dark green spade shaped panels each decorated with floral and leaf motifs

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VISITING THE MUSEUM AND DONATING SOME JUNK | Stardew Valley #6 (Becoming The Best Museumer) - YouTube

Bronze cobra as Goddess Tefnut. 2nd Intermediate Period, Dynasty 17,1640 BC–1600 BC , Upper Egypt, Thebes

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American, circa 1860s, a [Victorian] Renaissance Revival bed and dresser in walnut and walnut veneers,

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