Alberta, Canada is rat free - WTF fun fact

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When you put a seashell next to your ear, it's the sound of your blood surging in your veins, not the ocean.

Ha.ha.ha . I love stupid but funny puns

I have a very high pain tolerance; once had a cavity drilled & filled w/ zero Novocain-- if I tell you I'm in pain, best believe it's pretty bad...

Good vs. Evil what do you see

KEEP Your Brazilian Wandering Spider (& Ur 4 hour erections! ). ~WTF? NOT-a-fun-fact!

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So it doesn't come from trees. When anyone says money doesn't come from trees I say yeah it does because blah blah reaso...... Oh wait cotton comes from a tree anyways... Never mind haha

This makes SO much sense to me...

Ah-Ha! ...One reason some people have high blood pressure, and poor health... by NOT, "Passing Gas"....I Thank You, & Appreciate your efforts! - WTF? fun facts

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