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varanda é jardim de apartamento

Your At-Home Getaway: 7 Steps to a Calming, Recharging Corner

Depends on which way this window faces. If you are obsessed with plants, turn your book shelve into a plant shelf. Good way to display them and free up your floor space.

Minimal like Tadao - contrast with the lighting and materials

15 Chill Ass Bedrooms That Will Make You Want To Sleep Through Your Alarm

Your bedroom wants a relaxing and peaceful ambience, so, to put it differently, your bedroom requires white. Minimal bedrooms are a really hidden beauty. This gorgeous bedroom makes you think about a lovely spa where you are able to love your day.

The Intentional Minimalist: Seasonal Cooking and Produce Storage Tips - Where Home Starts -

The Intentional Minimalist: Seasonal Cooking and Produce Storage Tips - everything about this warms my heart. wish my fridge looked like that!

Planning to move into your new apartment soon? You are on a very tight budget for decoration & furniture? Discover 43 small storage ideas for your new home!

43 DIY small storage ideas for your home !

Diy Use cinder blocks for a unique and cheap DIY bedside table! BR x Cinder block night stand DIY Concrete block bedside table