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Sir Thane. Today was supposed to be a good day. I was knighted by King Edward, what I've been waiting for a long time. Then I went on a walk with my true love, and I asked her for her hand in marriage. She said yes, and we were both happy for a few minutes. Then I told her I got knighted, and she became very angry and broke off our engagement. When I wandered back to the castle, it was under siege. A few minutes later my love's father rode up and ordered his men to tear down the walls…

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Farewell scene between medieval princess and knight for novel...

"We don't have to be enemies just because we love the same woman" "that's where you're wrong. She can only love one of us and if you're here, its not me"

Armor Tutorial:

My favorite huntsman is now christian grey... He will always be the huntsman...

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F**k Yeah Friday! (40 Photos)

"Boldness be my friend! | Arm me, audacity, from head to foot! "__ Iachimo, Cymbeline, Act I, Scene 6

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Who Would You Be In Medieval Times?

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Wearing only leather armor Gustav readied for the battle of his life. She'd given him her lace handkerchief as a good luck token of her undying love. KC

Duellar Cortese - Torneo dei Cavalieri | by Celia Peachum