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Water Cycle Foldable. need to use with 6th grade...notice how the book physically represents the water cycle...not just a worksheet

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A matter sorting activity where your students will be able to identify a solid, liquid, or gas. This is a great activity to use with verbal and nonverbal students at all levels.This was created as a supportive and/or independent sorting activity to go along with this book.

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How Clouds Create Lightning And Thunder

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Types of Clouds - Engaging Activities to Help Retain Information

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Snowy Science: Four Frosty Experiments. While you may not be able to take your students outside to actually play in the snow (although I always try to — it’s incredibly fun!), here are four scientific ways you can bring snow-play into your classroom. (Note: If you haven’t had a recent snowfall in your neighborhood — or any snow at all — you can do most of these activities with ice cubes instead. And the “faux snow” fourth activity is just for you!)

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FREE water cycle interactive notebook activities & more

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cloud types... I believe the are forgetting the new Asperatus Clouds!

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Water Cycle

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