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"You have the power to stop mortals in their tracks; do not doubt yourself. For your gaze alone was touched by Gods.

Medusa tattoo

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atlantabaden: “Now I know its ultimately my decision and opinion because its my body and everyone has different opinions, I get that, and I am sure I want to get this.

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Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo

Sided Medusa Tattoo on Upper Arm. Here is another amazing Medusa tattoo giving a gaze to her side pose. The snakes over her head looks real and gives a evil sign.

Black work head of Medusa Gorgona tattoo on forearm by lazerliz

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Medusa Tattoo by sonne22 on deviantART

Stone Medusa Bust Tattoo Designed for a friend. I sympathize with the tattooist that takes on this task Medusa Tattoo

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Medusa tattoo is an interesting inking inspired by ancient mythology. She is a character in the Greek mythology — a mythical creature and the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto.