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Vanity Fair: Martina o TiniByMS, rodzinie oraz karierze!

Martina stoessel♥

Martina Stoessel

Ella es martina alejandra stoessel muzlera(tini o tinuchii o tinita)es mi idola y nadie me lo va a evitar

Hey I'm Jessica Grier!!!! I'm 19 and single. I love to sing and act!!! I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers!!!!! Intro??????

Hey I'm Jessica Grier! I love to sing and act! I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers!

Martina Stoessel (Tini Stoessel)

Violetta - yes, you might laugh now But I Love this Serie ! I love how well they're actually singing&dancing and the story of it. My favourite Character is Ludmila,she's funny,don't ya think?