Munkasci - Lake Tanganyika, 1930; the photograph that first inspired Cartier-Bresson with the thought of a "decisive moment"

Caught on camera: 20th-century Hungarian photography

kvetchlandia: “ Martin Munkácsi Three Boys at Lake Tanganyika 1930 “For me this photograph was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm. I suddenly realized that, by capturing the moment, photography was.


Celebrating Martin Munkacsi

Martin Munkasci, New York World's Fair, Harper's Bazaar photograph; Four and Twenty

New York World’s Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, September 1938 Photographer: Martin Munkácsi

by Martin Munkacsi

In his day, the Hungarian Martin Munkacsi was one of the most famous photographers in the world. His dynamic photographs of spo.

Bathing Beauties, Berlin, 1929 // by Martin Munkacsi

Peignoir in a Soft Breeze 1936 Martin Munkácsi was the master of movement, along with Lartigue he is my favourite photographer, his .