Mario Casas

If you read my last sexy banter, you’ll know that Spain holds the title of country with the BEST LOVERS ON THE PLANET EARTH! I thought, what good is it to talk about how hot Spanish men are and how good of lovers they’ve been said to be if we cannot.

Mario Casas. Yes, he is a Spanish actor from the tv show "El Barco" which is amazing even if you can't understand what they are saying :P

You should all watch tres metros sobre el cielo, SO HOT!

Love. Love. Love HIM! Mario Casas

Love HIM! Mario Casas awwwwwww me encantaaaaaaaaaaa uno come el si…

El guapísimo Mario Casas !! Tres metros sobre el cielo ! Tengo ganas de ti #mariocasas

without a doubt the hottest spanish actor in the WORLD. Tengo ganas de ti and 3 metros sobre el cielo were amazing movies check it out if you have the chance guys!

Mario Casas!! Enamora de esta sonrisa... Después de ver "3 metros sobre el cielo" y "Grupo 7"

Mario Casas en 15 imágenes hot

Lo que voy a pedir a los Reyes Magos?MARIO CASAS. Gracias.

Buenorros made in Spain: el ranking de guapos más cañí