I might could possibly have a thing for Harry Styles if he looked like this all the time

This guy Harry Styles represented Stato by Marcell in BSE the majority of the girls or all what we would call the nerd more Sexi of the year of all forms nerd or do not want equal and looks good

WHO MADE THIS??? Someone give them an award!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

cute as a button every single one of you! - Marcel OMFG 😂😂😂 this is so funny


marcel is still one of the best things that has ever happened to this band.

Harry's new haircut!!! slick that back and we've got ourself Marcel!

Harry's new haircut! Harry Edward Styles is still very gorgeous with his hair short tho

I will forever repin this. Harry and Marcel Best Song Ever {gif}=perfection lol

20 Reasons To Love Harry Styles On His 20th Birthday

Seriously I felt bad for Marcel, the boys rejecting all of his ideas. He was the cutest person in the video, in my opinion ^.


The Marketing Guy - The Marketing Guy

I better find Harry freaking Styles on my 21st birthday in 6 years

I'm saying yes to anyone that wants to date me now if he's a total nerd. If he thinks he's bad a** and isn't a good kid, no. But a nerd, yeah :)