I better find Harry freaking Styles on my 21st birthday in 6 years

I'm saying yes to anyone that wants to date me now if he's a total nerd. If he thinks he's bad a** and isn't a good kid, no. But a nerd, yeah :)

I might could possibly have a thing for Harry Styles if he looked like this all the time

This guy Harry Styles represented Stato by Marcell in BSE the majority of the girls or all what we would call the nerd more Sexi of the year of all forms nerd or do not want equal and looks good


The Marketing Guy - The Marketing Guy

Marcel + imagine= Marcel feels that are uncontrolable. Help.

Marcel + imagine= Marcel feels that are uncontrolable.<<you know one of the reasons i love this fandom is we have feels about a character that harry played for less than two minutes

EVERY GUY NEEDS TO LOOK AT THIS LIST(girls to bc there are some good pics of Harry in there)

10 Things Every Guy Can Learn From Harry Styles

- I will never be over Marcel the marketing guy tbh I've read like a million Marcel fanfictions QOTD; what's your favourite song atm?

WHO MADE THIS??? Someone give them an award!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

cute as a button every single one of you! - Marcel OMFG 😂😂😂 this is so funny

NO. WHY. I WANT THEM ALL AND THEY DON'T EVEN EXIST!!!! BUT they actually all do within the same person... Therefore, I must marry Harry Styles.

Ive been thinking about writing a fan fic about the "styles triplets" who would read it if I did!

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lil gaby ♡ can make her display name long as heck on

I love these Marcel imagines!>>>I would totally stand up for marcel not just out of the goodness of my heart but I would possibly get to meet Harry styles lol 😊