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1 cup warm water 1 tablespoon dried minced onion 1 teaspoon low sodium beef base (or a bouillon cube) 1 teaspoon low sodium chicken bas.

Maid-Rite Copycat (Loose Meat Sandwiches)

Maid-Rite Copycat (Loose Meat Sandwiches) NEW VIDEO

Maid-Rite Copycat (Loose Meat Sandwiches) - made with perfectly seasoned, tender slow-cooked ground beef served on a warm slightly sweetened bun

The Food Hussy!: Food Hussy Recipe: CopyCat Maid Rites! (The Iowa Specialty!). A Maid Rite is a loose meat sandwich and it's Iowa's favorite hamburger. Top it with mustard, onion and pickles and you've got a delicious burger! You'll feel like you're back home once you try this!

I tend to get obsessed about Iowa foods - I love big tenderloins , cheesy queso from "Mexican"-ish restaurants and MAID RITES - oh man -.

Iowa maid-rites -crockpot recipe

Iowa maid-rites -crockpot recipe / added a chopped small onion and a tbl spoon mustard.

Although I found lots of Copycat recipes for the Maid Rite Sandwich, I like this one best.

Iowa Maid Rite - French Onion - Copycat

A recipe version of the famous Iowa maid-rite loose meat sandwich. This is a "French onion" version.

Maid Rite recipe

Here's the maid rite recipe…just put it all in the crock pot and cook on high for 4 hours.

Muscatine (Iowa) Maid Rite.  I remember it was by the end of the bridge in Muscatine.  Ate there with relatives in the 50s.

Muscatine (Iowa) Maid Rite YUM My memories of this delicious sandwich are from Cannon Falls, MN Although I've been to Muscatine many times as well.