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Rafal Olbinki’s dreamlike artworks are layered with complex psychology, mapping the interiors of the mind and drawing the observer into a different world.

René Magritte La trahison des images Expositions 21 septembre 2016 - 23 janvier 2017 de 11h00 à 21h00 Galerie 2 - Centre Pompidou, Paris

René Magritte

Évènement René Magritte à Centre Pompidou -- open till on Monday & Thursday!

René Magritte (Belgian, 1898-1967), L’acte de foie, 1960. Oil on canvas, 129.8 x 97 cm.

le-desir-de-charcot: René Magritte (Belgian, L’acte de foie, Oil on canvas, x 97 cm.

Love this! Every morning, we have the choice!

by René Magritte Surreal, or real? Don't we all put masks on every day in the "social construction of reality?

Wild Imaginings – Photo Montages by Patrick Desmet

Wild Imaginings – Photo Montages by Patrick Desmet

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Rene Magritte: are we really only faceless wonders in this world we live?

Rene Magritte: are we really only faceless wonders in this world we live? IDEA - Animation - Collage, paper gets ripped off, as the narrative unfolds.

Rene Magritte - L'Embellie More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

"L embellie", huile de Rene Magritte Belgium).So We must meet apart-/ You there- I- here-/ With just the Door ajar/ That Oceans are- and Prayer-/ And that White Sustenance-/ Despair-.

"Se acrescentarmos gente que viaja no tempo e conversa ou se encontra consigo mesmo em outra época, teremos de Marty McFly a Jorge Luís Borges, que foi bater um papo com seu eu velho num de seus contos."

um duplo bem sentido – solidão, morte, selfies e uma marmota

René François Ghislain Magritte (November 1898 – August was a surrealist artist of Belgian origin. He became famous for his surrealist a

The Son of Man, Rene Magritte whenever i see this i always think of the tomas crown affair

7 Famous Surrealist Artists And Their Most Iconic Paintings

The Son of Man, 1964 By: Rene Magritte. Magritte painted The Son of Man, or Le fils de l’homme, as a self-portrait.