vintage everyday: 40 Beautiful Fashion Photo Shoots from the 1940s by Constantin Joffé

Model is wearing a Lilly Daché 'bonnet-coif' of flowers, feathers, and fruit, 1946 Photo by Constantin Joffe

Victoria von Hagen - Photo Erwin Blumenfeld PST

Victoria von Hagen, April 1954 by Erwin Blumenfeld. Victoria is wearing a beige close fit turban pinned with diamond and amber brooch and cowl neck beige silk blouse. Image by Condé Nast Archive/Corbis. turbans are useful for bad hair days:)

Ciao Bellissima - Vintage Cover Coquettes; Mademoiselle June 1959

Yet another classic red lip on a dark brunette this time. Be careful with your skin tone when selecting the perfect shade. A darling hairdo on the June 1959 cover of Mademoiselle magazine.

Oh I'm sorry, did you think I wouldn't wear this blend of pilgrim chic, sci-fi, and 1950s glam? Because I totally would.

Extraordinary hat I hope this one comes with a neck brace!

Spiderweb Veil Topped Tiered Black Tilt Hat circa 1940s - Dorothea's Closet Vintage

Spiderweb Veil Topped Tiered Black Tilt Hat circa 1940s

Spiderweb Veil Topped Tiered Black Tilt Hat, circa via Dorothea's Closet Vintage.