The cover of the Lorde album 'Melodrama,' painted by Sam McKinniss.COURTESY TEAM GALLERY

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one of my new favorite singer she is pretty yong and has a good voice

Lorde Tears For Fears Cover - Catching Fire Soundtrack

Curly hair Lorde Covers Tears For Fears For Catching Fire, We Cry Tears Of Joy # song

Lorde discusses growing up in the spotlight following her hit debut 'Pure Heroine,' and why 'Melodrama' is the work of a "young woman."

Lorde's Growing Pains: How the Pop Outsider Wrote Her Next Chapter

Lorde wearing bright colours showing her pop side, the pose Lorde is in demonstrates how chilled and relaxed she is, laid back



Lorde wearing a pink Vionnet suit at the induction of Nirvana's late singer Kurt Cobain to the Rock Hall of Fame.

Lorde Covers James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’

MUSIC: Lorde Covers James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’... (WeTheUrban)

//is there any possibility youll quit gossiping about me. to hide your insecurities//

Lorde's Boyfriend Is A Crazy Talented Photographer

Lorde.  Was not a fan of Royals when I first heard it.  Now I want to stab something when I hear in the Samsung ad. Her lyrics grow on you and get deeper everytime

22 Reasons To Get Obsessed With Lorde

Lorde - Pure Heroine - As most have been returning to school over the past few weeks, Ella Yelich-O’Connor, better known as Lorde, has been preparing for the launch of her highly anticipated debut album “Pure Heroine.

Lorde's 'Hunger Games' single is here

lorde's 'hunger games' single is here

lorde’s ‘hunger games’ soundtrack is here

Lorde wears a sports bra on stage, and kills it!

Lorde Pictures - Cool Concert Outfit

Lorde wears a sports bra on stage, and kills it! She is the queen

Lorde I love her to death so real, so raw, so amazingly talented. Music is such a powerful thing that so many people nowadays abuse she brings it to justice. #thankthelorde

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~but I got my fingers laced together, and I made a little prison, and I'm locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me~

Lorde - 'No Better' Single Premiere!

Rise Of Teen Businesswomen

Rise of the teen businesswomen

Rise of the teen businesswomen Grammy-winning Lorde is surfing a wave of self-made females. Are teen tycoons taking over?

i like how lorde has naturally curly hair and tames it well. but it looks great thick and smooth.

Lorde Covers New Zealand's 'Metro' Magazine: Photo Lorde graces the October 2013 cover of New Zealand's Metro magazine. The singer opened up about her beliefs on feminism.

4 Incredible Songs From Lorde's Melodrama You Might Not Have Heard Yet

4 Incredible Songs From Lorde's Melodrama You Might Not Have Heard Yet

Lorde's epic thank you note after scoring a No 1 album - NZ Herald