Henry Mares Leg lever action rifle http://riflescopescenter.com/category/nikon-riflescope-reviews/

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Marlin This will destroy a cinder block and rock you back a bit.

Marlin lever action rifle 30-30. I'd like to get more into lever action. Never owned one.

Marlin lever action rifle This is the same as my rifle, with the only exception of having see-through mounts for the scope. Mine even has the side thumb-piece on the hammer.

Marlin 1895SBL Lever-Action Rifle | Bass Pro Shops

Marlin 1895SBL Lever-Action Rifle

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He loves guns because in order for him to hunt and enter in competitions he needs a gun. He needs a gun so when his dogs tree a coon he can shoot it.

Winchester lever action, Mossberg lever action 30-30.

Winchester Repeating Rifles of all Shapes and Sizes from your standard Model 1894 and up.

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Henry rifle

Henry 'Yellowboy' and a pair of matching, brass frame Navy Colts. Very nice!

Out in the elements with the @henry_rifles All Weather 30-30. This beauty was made for the true outdoorsman.

The first rifle I bought was a henry lever action. I fell in love with the old fashioned rustic style. This All Weather is the next Henry I plan on getting