Kim, the lemur I am best friends with, looks like this. I am also friends with a lemur named Clarence that looks like this.

Ring Tail Lemur Keep stripping the exif data by accident! Camera: Canon Lens: Canon EF L IS II Jus' Chillin'

Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta, Berenty Reserve, Madagascar

Ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta, Berenty Reserve, Madagascar Anybody else think of zaboomafoo

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A Ring-Tailed Lemur: "Resting in Madagascar." (Photo By: © Frans Lanting.) So many Madagascar animals are losing their habitat due to slash & burn farming.

Reason #whatever that I could be convinced into doing primatology and focusing on lemurs: they take selfies

No pictures, please: Hilarious moment a shy lemur tried to steal camera from the hands of a photographer

According to Kiah, the castle most definitely needs an indoor rainforest-- complete with lemurs. Because really, what screams classier more than one's own lemur forest?

Lemur--Photo by Travolta.

Ring-Tailed Lemur (Lemure dalla coda ad anelli o Lemure catta) I ♡ lemurs.