Father's Day Gift We Are The Police Sign Thin Blue Line Police Officer, LEOW, Law Enforcement, Police Wife Canvas Sign by HeartlandSigns on Etsy

This is perfect for the arresting officer in the book, because he may agree with Mersault about his case being self defense but the officer has to do his job so that's why he arrested Mersault.

Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Officer LEO TOMS shoes

Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Officer LEO TOMS shoes not only supporting fallen officers but giving a pair to someone in need!

Praying for our officers. CMPD in riot gear, under attack in uptown Charlotte. WE STAND WITH YOU. Thank you for keeping the city we love safe.

I Back the Police Blue Line American Flag Sublimated T-Shirt

Police codes infographic. Will have to check the codes with LEO to ensure that they are correct.

Police codes infographic

This infographic has all police codes including APCO 10 codes, 11 codes, phonetic alphabet & more. View this police scanner code visual.

RULE #1 EVERYONE GOES HOME  Law Enforcement Today www.lawenforcementtoday.com

Hubby getting messages like crazy right now from fellow officers and former coworkers. Prayers for the deputy shot in my hometown tonight and to his family.

Law Enforcement Police workout and fitness motivation "Sweat In Here" poster

Police Motivational Workout Poster to encourage Law Enforcement Officers to work out and stay fit. Your body is your greatest weapon!

Keep this scripture in your sights!

Keep this scripture in your sights! -Holy cow I want this on my gun when I finish the academy and become part of the force😎😱-

Law Enforcement Eagle Flag

Law Enforcement Eagle Flag

I am so lucky to have a career that I truly love. I hope I never feel like quitting because of a bad day, but if that time ever comes, I hope I remember to look back and think about why I chose this line of work.

Remember why you chose the career. And, remember that there are many more people like me who appreciate, respect, and support law enforcement than there are a-holes that don't.