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10 ways to improve body image ... #Fitness #Motivation
Cyber Bullying: Another injustice that Mapauwer will fight against is cyber bullying, because nobody should be told that they are not worth anything. This image shows that being bullied can become a burden in someone's life, and it can ultimately lead to crying and a low self-esteem. People that are bullied cry, and often think that the world will be better without them. It can lead into attempts of suicide.
I would love to do a series like this promoting women and the bondage we trap ourselves with. CPE
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The mixed signals media puts out in concern to women's body image. Women are constantly told of what their body image should look like. Often times, media are not on the same page in agreeing on what the image of a woman should be.

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11 Body Positive Quotes For Everyone All Of The Time                                                                                                                                                                                 More

11 Body Positive Quotes For Everyone All Of The Time

Here’s what Dr Phil says: “When your child is bullied at school, go to the authorities at school, speak with the teachers. If that doesn’t work, MAKE NOISE! Do NOT let the bullying go on, thinking there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO. KEEP showing up at school until the BULLYING has been addressed and UNTIL the BULLYING STOPS. Take a stand and do NOT STOP BEFORE it stops.”