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Execution of the women SS Guards of Stutthof concentration camp for “sadistic abuse of prisoners” after on trial by the Polish Special Law Court at Danzig. The women did not seem to take the trial seriously until the end, 4 July 1946.


Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp - Wikipedia, some survivors shortly after liberation. How are they alive? Man's will to survive..incredible.

Stutthof camp guards were publicly hanged, at 5.00 p.m. on July 4th, 1946 at Biskupia Gorka hill near Danzig. Trucks brought the prisoners to the execution ground, hands and legs tied with cords. The trucks were backed under the gallows and the condemned made to stand on the tailboards or on the chairs on which they had sat. When the preparations were complete, each truck was driven forward leaving them suspended. They were not hooded and given only a short drop.


Women and children after liberation from a German concentration camp. Belongs to…

The Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Liberated 4/15/45 by the British. 70,000 prisoners died there. 35,000 of typhus in the first few months of 1945, including Anne Frank. Soldiers found 53,000 inmates - most acutely sick and starving. The BBC reported,"...A mother, driven mad, screamed at a British sentry to give her milk for her child, and thrust the tiny mite into his arms, then ran off, crying terribly. He opened the bundle and found the baby had been dead for days."…


A brief moment of consciousness after being beheaded.


Holocaust Auschwitz Concentration Camp Medical Experiments


Bergen Belsen, Germany, A group photograph of women survivors holding bread loaves, after the liberation, April 1945.


Una imagen fantasmal e inmensamente aterradora de un experimento médico en curso…


Tattooed and emaciated inmates at Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Upper Austria stand at attention. The two main camps, Mauthausen and Gusen I, were labelled as “Grade III” (Stufe III) camps, which meant that they were intended to be the toughest camps for “Incorrigible Political Enemies of the Reich.” circa 1943.