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Palomar Knot. One of the best knots for saltwater fishing. I prefer this knot tying line to hooks and swivels, and whenever else I can use it.
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Hook Knots - Tying Tricks, Choice, and Instructions
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Among high quality knots, the butterfly loop is perhaps the easiest to remember how to tie correctly. Start by simply making two twists in the same direction to form the two loops. Then wrap the outer loop around the standing part and pull it through the hole of the inner loop.
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GEAT - Nó Balso pelo Seio - Este nó forma uma laçada dupla. É uma boa cadeira porque é possível sentar-se confortavelmente nele. Muito útil para subir ou descer uma pessoa ou volume.
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Eye to eye tail hitches
Comments A secure temporary hitch that can be easily spilled by removing the toggle. The Marlin Spike Hitch gets it name from the practice o...