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Kingfisher - What a great start to 2015 to see a Kingfisher at Holywells Park Ipswich

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Common kingfisher

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Kungsfiskare, Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis. Sågs i Västerås hamn, 30onde och 31a december 2015. Dag ett tillsammans med pappa, dags två med Kathrin. Det var soligt och isen höll på att lägga sig runt om.

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Martins-pescadores são um grupo de pequenos e médios pássaros, brilhantemente coloridos, na ordem Coraciiformes . O grupo é tratado como uma família única, Alcedinidae, ou como uma subordem Alcedines contendo três famílias, Alcedinidae (martins-pescadores fluviais), Halcyonidae (martins-pescadores de árvores), e Cerylidae (guarda-rios de água). Há cerca de 90 espécies de martim-pescador. Todos têm grandes cabeças, pernas curtas, e as caudas curtas e grossas.

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francescofrongia on

Belted Kingfisher (female) I have been looking for one of these for quite some time. I don't really travel to find birds, so I was so excited to see one at the lake near my house. Audubon Lake NJ

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Photographer takes perfect snap of kingfisher after 6 years trying

The kingfishers' speed at diving into the water has been described as 'like a bullet' by the 46-year-old snapper

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I've got my lovely Pileated woodpecker friends <3 My red-bellied woodpeckers, and now my dream bird I must see next - The Kingfisher

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Kingfisher's Wings | Max Rinaldi More

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☀Black-backed Kingfisher also known as the Oriental dwarf-kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) ~ IMG_9006 by HenryKoh on Flickr*

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After 6 Years And 720,000 Attempts, Photographer Finally Takes Perfect Shot Of Kingfisher

Alan McFadyen, who has been an avid wildlife photographer since 2009, just captured a photo that he has spent 6 years trying to get. By his count, it took him 4,200 hours and 720,000 photos to get a perfect shot of a kingfisher diving straight into the water without a single splash

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