fy-katiemcgrath: “ New outtake of Katie McGrath from Naomi Yang's UK Instyle photoshoot (December 2013) ”

fy-katiemcgrath: “ New outtake of Katie McGrath from Naomi Yang’s UK Instyle photoshoot (December ”

"Without Merlin, there would be no Gandalf, so I see them as the same thing, one a continuation of the other" - Katie McGrath. Maybe Merlin was a Maia also? Hmmmm....

The cast of Merlin in their exclusive first photoshoot together


mattholyoak: New image of Katie McGrath - odin-odout

Shikira's hair is straight, but the expression/features are perfect.

Morgana Pendragon

I am THE Lady Morgana Pendragon, the most powerful witch that ever was, but, of course, you knew that already. My birth parents were Uther Pendragon and Vivienne. My half-sibling are Arthur and Morgause.

Katie McGrath for Morgana Valentinus. Third daughter of Valerie Aelius and Samuel Valentinus, Queen of Vampires.

Katie McGrath as Lúthien Tinuviel. The most stunning woman I've ever seen, and she knows how to do the character development thing. Also, badass woman who usually ends up saving everyone.

((Katie McGrath)) Gael McCain, a rising star ballerina....but only in the on season. During the off season, she's a part time waitress in a local bar and a part time singer in a different bar. She's 22 and going to an Online college for a Bachelors degree in Art and Music studies. Sometimes she struggles to pay rent, but she manages to get by with a smile on her face. She likes to meet new people and she's definitely looking for someone special to date.

Katie Mcgrath, one of my top three actresses, alongside Jenna Coleman and Rachel Weisz. I love her so much, her performances as Morgana and Lena Luthor are just amazing.

Katie McGrath as Morgana in "Merlin." (BBC / Syfy).. AKA who i want to be for halloween but cant find a costume!!!!

‘Merlin’: Angel Coulby talks Gwen’s journey from servant to queen