I don't really do this anymore but it really works on my hair!!

I always have my sister French Braid my hair and do that but it always ends up in a ponytail anyway

the moment you finish a good book and have to return to reality

the moment you finish a good book and have to return to reality it sucks.and thats why I re-read them!

everyday!  either a.m. or p.m.  but I catch it every single day!   So strange!  and its exactly 11:11 right now LOL

I always wish for my dad to live a long, healthy, happy life where he is financially stable and physically stable.

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Laughter Makes The World Go Round.

Queen of this! Broken Vessels (Hillsong Worship) and Soar by Merdith Andrews

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finding a new song and forever listening to it on repeat (Steal my girl by One Direction)

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sliding across the floor in your socks. little reasons to smile.

Well i have lanterns...same thing

15 Amazing Dorm Room Pictures That Will Make You Excited For College

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I have me bestest friend and my best friend. When my best friend says something, probably random, my bestest friend and I laugh about who knows what-inside joke. My best friend gets frustrated and loved us anyway 😂😄😙

They're so comfy

How To Care For Every Item In Your Closet: 101 Tips

oversized comfy sweater // cable knit // comfortable fall fashion // fall inspiration // cozy and warm // september // october // november

Justgirlythings ~ and feeling like a pro when you stay up long

doing handstands in the pool. have the best epiphanies doing headstands and handstands :)