JR – Ballerina in Le Havre – Fubiz™  initiative réalisée dans le cadre du festival Terre d’Eaux et proposant en plus de découvrir des représentations de danseuses avec le spectacle “Danse avec les grues”.

JR – Ballerina in Le Havre

JR – Ballerina in Le Havre – Fubiz™ initiative réalisée dans le cadre du…

The World's Most Beautiful Stairway Art

Art Really Can Be Anywhere on Anything: The World's Most Beautiful Stairways

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The detail on these Rio de Janeiro steps are insane. The face looks so life-like and the eyes practically stare straight through you.

Portraits ''of people making faces'' have been pasted on the Pantheon’s floor and dome, by French artist JR.

Artist JR turns the Panthèon in Paris INSIDE OUT

Inside Out by JR at Pantheon, Paris. All rights reserved. - JR (artist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

street art, Les Rencontres JR - Arles - France. #jr http://www.widewalls.ch/artist/jr/

MOGA - The Movement Of Graffiti Art street art *Street art "Artist Jose Romussi breathes new life into old photos by embroidering colorful t.

Art Comes First: Inspirations | JR, Street Art show at the Tate Modern JR has…

Art Comes First: Inspirations

JR Tate Modern, London - Artist JR’s black-and-white portrait of a youth wielding a video camera as he would a gun, “challenges ourpreconceptions about the way that we digest images” --- powerful message!

JR's stunning ballerina on shipping containers in France

JR's Stunning Ballerina on Shipping Containers in France

Bird Ballerina: JR’s Stunning new work Check out renowned street artist JR’s latest work, not painted on bare walls but shipping containers. Called Bird Ballerina, the beautiful piece was wheat pasted.



JR et la Pyramide du Louvre by night

Street-art : et JR fit disparaître la Pyramide du Louvre

JR’s “The Louvre.”Street artist JR recently made the iconic pyramid in front of Paris’s The Louvre “disappear” by precisely pasting early photographs of the museum onto it. Quoting JR on the project:.

Album de famille à ciel ouvert ! / Portrait de Berthe et Diallo, les grands-parents d'Aramata, une habitante du quartier Belle de Mai. / 25 bd Bouès, Marseille, France. / By JR. / Photo by Wonder Brunette.

UNFRAMED - Marseille par JR - part#9

JR Street Art Paris

17 Insanely Cool Street Art You Just Have To See

Black and white photography is one of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of photography. Here are wonderful examples of black and white photography for

These pictures are printed onto tarps for the people to use so that the tarps would keep them safe for the weather

[62 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°81 (image)

Kibera slum in Kenya rooftops by Street artist JR

JR Sketches: Vietnam - January 2014 - #4                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The night is alluring. I don't mean I'm attracted to the dark 'Nosferatu-style' or that I have the full collection of KISS greatest hit.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Site in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s Civil Rights History

Memorial Site in Atlanta, Georgia Definitely A Must See If You haven't Been! Next To The Auburn Market.