Madness is like gravity... All it takes is a little push!

Recently watched all three of the Batman movies with Christian Bale and they are my favourite movies in the world! Love batman, but I also love the joker. I used to always hate the joker, but after re-watching the Dark Knight with a more open mind, I lear

I love Bruce Timm's art! He did a fantastic job with Batman!

The Batman vs. Joker dynamic explained in one panel. Batman: Gotham Adventures #1 p.33

This is why The Joker will never truly kill Batman. He would be lost and deeply depressed.

Robins alternate earth where dick becomes a talon, Jason becomes a priest, Tim becomes the joker and Damian becomes batman

Robins alternate earth where dick become a talon, Jason become a priest, Tim become the joker and Damian become batman

Faces of Heath ledger.. Joker. ...#{TRL}

The best Joker. The faces of Heath ledger. The Joker from The Dark Knight