Jerry Rice:Biography And Life: By Ryan C. Beitler

Jerry Rice:Biography And Life: By Ryan C. Beitler

Jerry Rice by Justyn Farano

Jerry Rice “The Pinnacle” painting by Justyn Farano Rams Todd Gurley 30 jersey

Greatest Stud the Bay has ever had (aside from Joe Montana and Steve Young)

Jerry Lee Rice is a former American football wide receiver who played twenty seasons in the National Football League. He is widely considered to be the greatest wide receiver in NFL history and among the greatest NFL players at any position.

Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers

Jerry Rice, Greatest wide receiver to ever play the game. And a stellar human being.

Jerry Rice - 20 NFL, 1,549 rec, 22,895 yds, 14.8 avg, 197 tds

Jerry Rice, awfully close to the perfect NFL player. How do you choose a Pin to represent all that he was/is? Especially if you aren't a Niners fan? Just appreciate the gentleman and phenomenal athlete. Such fun to watch play and to hear interviewed.

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On September wide receiver Jerry Rice scored his career touchdown, breaking Jim Brown’s record of The TD strike from Steve Young came in the fourth quarter of the Niners’ win over the Raiders on Monday Night Football